Paseo De San Roque Village - AMENITIES

Living in a community provides a lot of benefits for families that most areas in the country cannot give. Here in Paseo De San Roque, residents are treated to a wide range of quality amenities that are designed to bring people together under positive conditions. These amenities are aimed to add something substantial to these people’s lives without leaving the safety and security of Paseo De San Roque Village.

For anyone who can’t stay still, you’ll be glad to know there are various ways to use your energy in this village. For starters, there’s a basketball court where you and your friends can play all day. All you’ll ever need is a basketball and you can fulfill your dreams of becoming a hood legend here. Furthermore, one can also organize and hold basketball tournaments for the village’s community to strengthen camaraderie through healthy competition. And Paseo De San Roque also has a swimming pool for anyone searching for a quick dip. Residents do not need to spend money and time travelling to the beach when this pool is open for their use. With these two amenities, your spare time will be filled with so much excitement with the people that mean so much to you.

Of course, we all know how families and friends would love to get together during weekends or special occasions. That’s why the developers of Paseo De San Roque constructed a clubhouse to provide a venue for any gathering. Residents can enjoy the company of their loved ones in a place that’s far from any distraction. All you have to focus on is how much fun you can have in spending joyous moments in this clubhouse.

After all the celebrations and games have been done, residents can go and have a quiet moment in the village’s chapel. We all know prayer and our faith are powerful tools to help us in life’s challenges and this chapel is the perfect place to go to for these things. You don’t need to leave the property to have a spiritual moment or pray for the important things in your life.

For anyone choosing a new home, security is one of the top things to consider. It’s a good thing the developers of this village is one step ahead of you folks. There is an entire perimeter fence that’s dedicated to keeping unwanted elements away from your precious homes. At the same time, guard houses are placed in crucial spots in the village to ensure your security or lend a helping hand to the residents. Guards are also employed to keep an eye on your property and prevent any harm from coming to you.

With these amenities, living in Paseo De San Roque is surely a notch higher than any other area in the country. Living with these benefits will make certain your everyday life is better and more convenient for you and your family.

  • Clubhouse
  • Basketball Court
  • Parks & Playground
  • Swimming Pool
  • Roman Catholic Chapel
  • Guardhouse
  • Centralized Water System/Overhead Water Tank
  • Underground Drainage System
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Wide Roads
  • Elegant Entrance
  • Ample Greenery
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